Galil Soil Farm

Artisan Soil Amendments

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Why Our Products?







Yoav: Kaima Hukuk - Head Farmer

In Kaima Hukuk we are using products of Galil Soil Farm for the last year. We can see the results. The Neem Soap gets rid of insects. The fertilizers work. The vegetables are healthy. The soil is healthy. We are very satisfied with the quality of the products and we can see the vegetables smiling.

Josh: Mayanot Rooftop Garden - Jerusalem

Using the Fermented Sea Water my broccoli came out huge and sweet. I've never before grown such a large head of broccoli or such a sweet tasting broccoli. You can see and taste the results overnight.

Steven Lytle: Lytle Family Farms

Incredible amounts of growth!


Do non-profit organizations receive a discount?
Yes. Schools, Community Gardens, and Church/Synagogue/Mosque Garden Clubs receive a 20% discount on all orders.

How often should I amend my soil with Galil Soil Farm Products?
Follow this link to a PDF of our suggested feeding schedule.

Can I call you if I still have questions about how to use the product I bought?
Sure. Give us a call at 050-413-7056 (Israel) or at 646-797-5838 (outside of Israel).