Compost Tea for Cannabis

Compost tea for Cannabis sounds like some bizarre concoction, likely to be created by some mad scientist or crazed eccentric gardener. Perhaps you've never ever heard of this compost tea for cannabis information before, don't worry you are not alone by any stretch of the imagination. The big secret is about to be let out! The truth is that many good cannabis farmers have long ago learned about this tea making and have come to enjoy its strengths and benefits. Brewing this compost tea is going to become a lot more common in the not too distant future thanks in part to its impeccable green credentials. Keep reading to find out a little more and discover just how and why you really need to be producing a little tea for your cannabis to enjoy.

Brewing compost tea is in essence a really simple procedure, but it can often become much more complicated. Some people will go to pretty extreme lengths in order to produce their tea mixtures; however the principles are the same no matter what technique you opt to use. You need an excellent homemade rich "base" compost to immerse in water for a period of time. This liquid is strained to remove the bits and pieces and to enable it to be applied by sprayer or watering can. the resulting liquid is of course your tea. The tea liquid will contain a lot of the nutrients from the compost and therefore makes a very handy environmentally friendly fertilizer. The whole process of making this tea may be a lot more complex however in plain and simple terms this is cannabis compost tea making.

The novice cannabis enthusiast may perhaps speculate why should you go to all of this hassle and not just make use of any brand of regular cannabis plant food from the shop or garden center. Just like so many things in life, nature can frequently offer the best solutions and it can be hard to explain why. Compost tea is a totally natural and safe product that is also very beneficial to flowers, plants, grass and even fruit and vegetables. It can be used all around the garden and can really add to the quality of the plants. This tea also contains microbes and bacteria which are believed to assist in keeping cannabis life healthful. It truly is an excellent natural option and can be used to totally replace your use of chemicals and fertilizers in the garden and for your cannabis as well.