No-Till Gardening

No-Till gardening is not similar to your traditional gardening where you excavate and turn over the soil to mix amendments. The process of having the nutrients and amendments mix into the soil carried out by top dressing the garden beds with organic fertilizer, compost, manure, lime, or other organic amendments. These amendments then pulled down into the soil by organisms in the present ground and by watering. It is much less labor intensive way of gardening and tremendously benefits the soil structure of your garden. The key to No-Till gardening is just like any method of organic gardening, good soil structure.

This kind of gardening is not as labor intensive as traditional gardening but works in the same way to enhance the soil structure of your garden. In this way of gardening, your overall landscape of the garden stays the same as you add organic matter applying top dressing method.

The microorganism and earthworms found in the soil do all the hard work for you. Of course, they need to be motivated, and the motivation stems from the organic matter you keep adding onto the soil. Therefore, the no-till gardening approach involves mulching the soil to make sure that the ground gets all the nutrients it requires and this likewise helps to keep a nutritious soil structure, which in the end benefits the plants that you cultivated.

Using this method also ensures that weeds kept to the minimum. The fact that you are not adding mulch and tilling or compost each year averts the weed seeds from coming to the surface of the soil to germinate.

With no-till gardening, because there is no turning over or tilling the soil in your garden your grown-up rows, beds, mounds or hills stay the same every year, and organic matter is added by top dressing. That will help to ward off weeds and to enhance the soil structure, keeping the life in your soil flourishing and thriving in no time.

Earthworms, microorganisms, and green manures do all the work to the soil to ensure that it stays healthy. The only thing that keeps them putting much effort for you to have a healthy garden soil is the organic matter that you give them. Mulching your garden with a rich organic matter such as compost will keep supplying the soil the nutrients that it requires and to keep a healthy garden.