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How to Use Compost Tea

We’ve talked before about how great compost is for your garden, but you can supercharge it by making what’s known as compost tea. As the name suggests, compost tea is basically compost that’s steeped in water. Think of it as a rejuvenating pick-me-up for your garden that will nourish it the same way that a nice hot cup of tea nourishes your body.   You don’t pour compost tea into your garden the same way you would water your garden. Instead, you can use it as a foliar spray or as a soil drench, depending on what problems your garden has that you’re trying to address. Benefits of compost tea The first benefit of compost tea is that it dilutes...

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No-Till Gardening

No-Till gardening is not similar to your traditional gardening where you excavate and turn over the soil to mix amendments. The process of having the nutrients and amendments mix into the soil carried out by top dressing the garden beds with organic fertilizer, compost, manure, lime, or other organic amendments. These amendments then pulled down into the soil by organisms in the present ground and by watering. It is much less labor intensive way of gardening and tremendously benefits the soil structure of your garden. The key to No-Till gardening is just like any method of organic gardening, good soil structure.This kind of gardening is not as labor intensive as traditional gardening but works in the same way to enhance...

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Neem Oil Organic Gardening

  In today's world, Gardeners Use Neem Oil Spray for an Effective Organic Insecticide.Anyone who loves growing their vegetables knows the stress and frustration of finding them destroyed by pests. These days, there are many kinds of insecticides available on the market, but gardeners nowadays have become more conscious about the demoralizing effects of chemicals on their crops and the environment. Neem oil organic gardening has been the solution for farmers and backyard organic gardeners for decades.A large number of gardeners prefer to use organic methods to produce vegetables that are healthier to eat than vegetables treated with chemical pesticides. There are numerous ways to rid your garden of pests organically; from items seen in your kitchen like cayenne pepper...

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