Soil Equilibrium
Soil Equilibrium

Soil Equilibrium

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Soil Equilibrium is a Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB). LABs are ubiquitous microorganisms that can be beneficial in crop and livestock production. 

Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) refers to a large group of bacteria, rather than a single species or strain, that produce lactic acid as a by-product of digesting their food source (usually carbohydrates). The lactic acid accumulates to ferment or “pickle” the food, and LAB are capable of surviving in acidic (low-pH) environments.LAB are widespread in nature and are beneficial probiotics in our digestive systems. They are among the most important groups of microorganisms used in food fermentation, contributing to the taste and texture of fermented products and inhibiting food spoilage caused by other microorganisms.

LABs are widespread in nature and are beneficial probiotics. 

How to Use:

Pump one time (or the equivalent of 10ml) for small plants or two times (or the equivalent of 20ml) for large plants and trees on top of soil and water in generously.  

When to Use:

Throughout the plant's growing cycle. 

Keep refrigerated. 

    Teaming with Microbes Approved

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